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08/23/2012: Jenna O. (Manhattan Beach, CA)

"Before finding Lois at Manhattan Beach Electrolysis Clinic, I was seeing another electrologist for 8 months and was not seeing any improvement or reduction of hair growth. I was becoming very discouraged. But after only a few visits at this clinic, I saw significant results!! And after only 3 months - I am basically hair free! Lois is a true professional who really knows what she's doing. I am still amazed at the transformation in my face and neck. I wish I would have found Lois sooner - instead of wasting all of that time and money at another clinic. But I'm just thankful that I finally did!! This is place is GREAT!!!! I highly recommend her."

06/26/2013: Connie M. (Culver City, CA)

I have been to many high-end spas for facials and paid a lot of money for "add-ons" with average results. Lois has a Black Magic glycolic facial mask that makes my skin glow for days. I like the steam and her neck and shoulder massage at the end is very relaxing. Try this place, its quiet and private and reasonably priced.

06/12/2013: Lisa B. (Manhattan Beach, CA)

I take my daughter to Lois to have her eyebrows waxed. Lois is gentle and quick and my daughter trusts her to do it right. I refer all my friends to Lois for eyebrow waxing.

06/04/2013: Shelly B. (Torrance, CA)

A friend of mine had Lois apply permanent eyeliner and she looks fabulous. So I went in and had mine done as well and couldn't be happier. I just get up in the morning and get ready without having to put on eye make-up. Such a time-saver and it always looks perfect!

02/13/2013: Silvana R. (Manhattan Beach, CA)

"I had spent 4 years trying to shape my eyebrows - Lois was able to accomplish this in just 8 months. Electrolysis that actually works. Thank you, Lois for such great brows in such a short time!"

11/15/2012: Sue C. (Hermosa Beach, CA)

"I am just finishing up my treatment with Lois for electrolysis on my chin and upper lip. I chose this method over laser treatment because laser is effective only on dark hairs and because electrolysis is the only real permanent hair removal process. Initially, Lois explained exactly how it works, how long the process would take, and approximately what my total cost would be. She is always on time, always professional, and very careful to make the procedure as painless as possible. I have been pleased with the whole experience. I am thrilled not to have to deal with all the plucking that was injuring my skin. But I will miss Lois."

11/14/2012: Tera L. (Cupertino, CA)

"I met a woman at a retreat who had the most beautiful tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner and lip-liner that I had ever seen. She told me she went to Lois at Electrolysis & Skin Care Clinic in Manhattan Beach. I live in the San Francisco Bay area so this place was too far away. However, when I was invited to a party in LA, I decided to look up Lois and "maybe" get my make-up done. I went to the appointment and was pleased to see she had before and after pictures, and written recommendations. After discussing what I wanted and feeling very comfortable with Lois, I had her tattoo my eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipliner. That was over 16 years ago and I have NO regrets! I love her work, not only does it look beautiful, she saved me money not having to buy liners anymore and 15-25 minutes every day putting on my make-up. Give this place a try, you won't be sorry."

11/14/2012: Gina C. (Redondo Beach, CA)

"I am finally seeing results!! Only took about 2 visits with her to start to notice a change. I had been going to another woman in Torrance whom was very nice but i wasn't seeing the results i expected. With Lois she is doing the Flash treatment with me and its done miracles. I am very pleased and highly recommend her!"

01/29/2013: C. D. (Manhattan Beach, CA)

"I have been to every electrologist in the south bay over the course of the past 10 years. After moving away for a few years, I was happy to find Lois again. The method she uses (the one where you hold the rod) clears areas faster than other methods I've tried elsewhere. Also, Lois is thorough, which I appreciate as I can go quite a while between treatments. With the exception of several areas known for regrowth at my age (which we are currently making great progress with) I have found the hair removal to be permanent (yea!). I also find her office hours to be quite helpful as she keeps regular Saturday hours. One final thing that earns that 5th star in my book.. I have never been kept waiting to start my appointment time. If only she practiced medicine..."


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