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      Unwanted hair is a problem for many women and men. In our clinic we treat these blemishes with the most up to date electrolysis equipment available. Our office is private and our services discreet. We can rid you of unwanted facial or body hair and help you feel more confident every day.

How Electrolysis Works

      A qualified electrologist uses specialized equipment and skill to remove unwanted hair.
      An extremely fine probe is inserted into the follicle alongside the hair and a slight amount of electric current destroys the hair root. The skin is not punctured or harmed in any way. A treated hair will slide out with no sensation of being tweezed. You will feel a slight heat or tingling sensation.
      After treatment, there may be some redness or swelling, but this disappears within an hour or so. Tiny, pinpoint eschars (serum crusts) may appear in a day or two. This is part of your body's natural healing process and should be of no concern.
      For 24 hours after an electrolysis treatment, you should keep the area clean and avoid sun exposure.

The Only Permanent Way

         For permanent hair removal, it is necessary for the tip of the probe to reach the bottom of the follicle where the current destroys the hair root. Curved or distorted follicles may prevent accurate insertions and hair re-growth should be expected. Re-treatment of these follicles will eventually succeed in reaching and destroying the hair root.
      Also, very large, deep-rooted hairs might take a few treatments to avoid damaging the surrounding delicate tissue.
         Many factors influence hair growth. The number of sessions will vary for each person, but the unwanted hair will be gone forever when the treatments are completed.


For your protection

      Sterilization is the process which insures that 100% of all bacteria is killed. This office uses the most up-to-date methods of sterilization. We use pre-sterilized, single-use probes in all our treatments. Latex gloves and masks are worn as an added precaution.

1/4 hr .......... $45.00
1/2 hr .......... $60.00
3/4 hr .......... $75.00
1 hr ............. $90.00


Treat a loved one to a unique gift.
A facial is a truly relaxing experience.
A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
Any combination of services is possible.

Complimentary Consultation

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